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We offer HOA bookkeeping and financial reporting in Calgary. Ensure compliance and take advantage of Benchmark's streamlined system for handling your HOA's bookkeeping, assessment notices, operating budget drafts and more!

Accounts Receivable:

  • Receive monthly contributions (HOA Fees) – monthly automatic withdrawal available
  • Follow-up of delinquent accounts (30 & 60 day notices)
  • Prepare and register caveats and initiate subsequent legal commencement as required

Accounts Payable:

  • Prepare payment for invoices - board signature (approval) required
  • Electronic payment also available
  • Submit government remittance as required
  • Monthly financial reporting (emailed)
  • Maintain operating and reserve fund bank accounts and reserve fund investments as required
  • Prepare records for annual audit as required


  • Prepare annual “draft” operating budget for HOA board approval
  • Prepare and distribute annual assessment notices and approved budget to all homeowners
  • Prepare and distribute AGM notice and proxy – Attendance of AGM is optional
  • Provide documents as requested – in accordance with legislation
  • Additional services available upon request

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