Personal Information Protection Policy

Requests for Information – by Benchmark Management Ltd.

Employees of Benchmark Management Ltd. will only seek information from clients that is germane to the work at hand and any information offered beyond the immediate need of its clients will be treated as confidential. Personal information will only be shared with third parties with consent or for a third party to provide a requested service to the first party.

Requests for Information – to Benchmark Management Ltd.

Employees of Benchmark Management Ltd. will protect any private information held in the name of its clients. Only written requests mandated by federal or provincial legislation will be shared with third parties.

Employees of BENCHMARK MANAGEMENT LTD will not provide telephone numbers of directors of condominium corporations to a third party without authorization.

Record Retention & Disposal

Records held by Benchmark Management Ltd. will be secured from third parties while current, and destroyed when no longer used.

Benchmark Management Ltd. shreds and recycles all of its disposed paperwork through a secured commercial shredding company.

Shared Information

Benchmark Management Ltd. will only employ contractors who agree to handle personal information on a confidential basis when performing work for the benefit of users of real estate managed by Benchmark Management Ltd.

Employee Information

Any information retained with respect to any employee will not be shared with anyone for any reason without the written consent of the employee.