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RW | Board Member Client

“Many thanks to Benchmark for all of your excellent assistance over the years, it has been exceptionally helpful.”

Tom Hamilton | Board member and Unit Owner
"You are a very well run organization and a breath of fresh air compared to our previous management who we had been using before Benchmark."
Nancy Reilly | Board President

"It has been a pleasure working with all of you at Benchmark and I would recommend your services to anyone looking for a partial management company."

Robyn W. | Board Member and Unit Owner

"Working with you, and the Benchmark team, has made the President role infinitely better as you have been exceptionally helpful over the years!


Kelly Kernick | Board Member and Unit Owner

"Benchmark Management has done a great job for us over the years and I would recommend their services to anyone"

Diane De Fazio | Board Member and Unit Owner

"I was very impressed with the willingness of Jen and Susan to explain the start-up process in a patient manner, all staff were welcoming to me when I visited your office, and the transition has gone very well."

Talia Zink | Board Member and Unit Owner

"We have been incredibly impressed with the services we have received from Benchmark over the more than 10 years that they have supported our townhouse management. Prior to their involvement, the management and state our affairs was a disaster. They helped us rebuild everything to build the strong condo that it is today. They have also been extremely responsive to support us with any needs that have come up over the years. Their vast knowledge and experience about condominium affairs have been extremely valuable time and time again. I would highly recommend Benchmark without hesitation!"

Adrian Booker | Vendor to Benchmark Clients

"The Benchmark team is organized, they have integrity and great to work with! I give them 2 thumbs up and 5 stars!"

Sheila and Wayne | Board Members and Unit owners

"The team at Benchmark Management are responsive and our board appreciates staff willingness to discuss any issues. Support, with back up information, has been available whenever requested."

Laura Alvey | Board Member and Unit Owner

"Thank you Benchmark for all of your help over the years, you’ve been so patient with us as we’ve tried to navigate some tough issues. Your time and efforts have been very appreciated."

Myrna Belyea | Board Member and Unit Owner

"Our condo complex was well managed by Benchmark for 10 years, however when Benchmark decided to no longer provide maintenance management we reluctantly thought it best to move to another firm, 4 years later having dealt with 4 different management companies we moved back to Benchmark and thankfully they were willing to work with us again.  The Benchmark Team is professional, quick to respond, knowledgeable and AVAILABLE even during COVID.  The Team works at keeping up their professional knowledge of the industry and the condominium act and therefore can advise, or direct us to others, when the Board seeks input on various matters.  Working with Benchmark is a pleasure and I would highly recommend Benchmark for ones condo management requirements."

Tom Hamilton | Board member and Unit Owner
"You are a very well run organization and a breath of fresh air compared to our previous management who we had been using before Benchmark."
Lisa Anderson | Previous Board Member and Unit Owner

"Our Experience with Benchmark Management has been nothing short of stress free.
Questions are answered quickly and necessary documents are completed and filed appropriately, and in a timely manner.
The staff is consistently helpful and always professional. A pleasure to work with, especially when something is needed...yesterday!
A well run organization."

Mary Coutts | Board Member and Unit Owner

"I am so impressed with Benchmark!!  We should have made this move long ago.  Wow, we’re earning interest on every penny in the bank!!  From day one you have been so helpful, smoothing the transition. Thank you."

Norwillo Gamayo | Board Member and Unit Owner

"I much appreciate your service. You have been a rock to me with condo matters. You and your team at benchmark are doing an awesome and fantastic job for our condo property."

Kelsey Jones | Realtor

"You are just one of the best outfits in town! Thanks for being so on top of things!!."

Low Cost Alternative

Our Core Service Package is a low-cost condo management solution that results in reduced condo fees for owners. Ideal for small properties with an involved board or for larger properties with a resident manager.

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We offer HOA bookkeeping. Ensure compliance and take advantage of Benchmark's streamlined system for handling your HOA's bookkeeping, assessment notices, and operating budget drafts.

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